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I started this blog almost ten years ago over on the free It was a documentation of my journey as a wife, a new mother and someone who have a passion in making beautiful photo. My photography style is very whimsical and quirky. I am very attracted to light reflections and natural color tone. I hope you enjoy my work.

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New Westminster Wedding Joanna + Ron

When I first met Joanna and Ron (along with their son Cole, who is 6 months younger than Don), I was taken by how good looking the whole family are. Joanna and I bonded over the topics of toddler and the fact that we both are old school in the choice of using pen and hand written notepad. Funny bit, she discover me on Flickr when she search “queen’s park wedding” and I was the first person that popped up.

Ron and Joanna are  fun, easy going and attentive to each other and as I get to knew them a bit better I was touch by the love they shared with their family. I was touch by the closeness of Joanna and her mother, who had passed away not long ago but clearly you can still feel the love between them as if she is right there watching over. I like the identical glances and smiles Ron and Cole shared, and almost lost it when Cole decided to walk in and stole his mom away in the middle of his parent’s first dance.  Ron’s expression was priceless.


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