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I started this blog almost ten years ago over on the free It was a documentation of my journey as a wife, a new mother and someone who have a passion in making beautiful photo. My photography style is very whimsical and quirky. I am very attracted to light reflections and natural color tone. I hope you enjoy my work.

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EPIC pre-wedding session

There was a little hiccup during last week pre-wedding session, because I forgot how Shawn and Michelle knew a million people in real life, and there was a reason why they don’t FB very often.

Michelle brought a really epic but very reasonable price wedding dress just for our pre-wedding session/trash the dress before her actual wedding day session…and because of the amount of tutu that was involve, I took a photos with my phone and upload it to my own Facebook :

…and I tag her by mistake.

Which lead to most of her friend freaking out because they thought they had already gotten married, and under the impression that, they didn’t get invited. It was kinda hilarious, when you look at it now, but poor Michelle was trying to explain to her friend that it was just a pre-wedding session, and yes, us Chinese like to take photos in wedding grown BEFORE we get married. (Oop. really sorry Michelle…and Shawn.)

The thing is, because they are getting marry early next spring, and Vancouver being Vancouver (Hello Rain!), we were just thinking ahead. Plus having their wedding session on an earlier day alsomean that we get to go to places that are equally epic (to match her dress) but too far to visit on actual wedding day.




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