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For a better part of my life, I have been a B&W film user; I had taken a break from photography since I had to move toPrince Georgefor school. The passion for creativity was still there, unfortunately since I am pretty bad at operating a point-n-shoot, photography was on the back burner in my early 20s.

The eureka moment arrive when my first born was a week old. Being a new parent was really rough for me, I was overstress, under rest and the trauma of child birth did a number on me. Both of us were really scare and we insist on sleeping together (us with Aidan in the middle) on a cramp single bed in his nursery. We woke up, from a three hours of sleep; bed head and all; but I can’t get over how beautiful my little boy is. The light from the late fall sky cascading through the blinds, lighting his little face. I grab my cell phone, then starting to take photos with the in phone camera. When I saw the images on my computer that afternoon I was complete in awe of how breathlessly beautiful they are, I did what a normal first time parent will do, and order prints on line.

A week later, the prints had arrived. When I was going through them I had an epiphany. It has noting to do with what type of camera you are using, it is all about how you choose to see the subject and how you record the connections you form with it. Photography is a medium, in which we record what was in the moment. Emotion, closeness, relationship between objects…all are subjective but also shape our memory. People often said someone had an eye for it, the “it” are the senses.

I brought my first D-SLR six years ago, since then a lot had happen. I started shooting baby portraiture and then friends started to ask me to cover certain events. It just snowballs into a full time job.

I enjoy shooting wedding, being a hopeless emotional romantic (who cry at EVERYTHING on TV) I thrive in the love and tenderness rapport in the wedding. Maternity and Baby portraiture is a closed second, since they are always a welcome reminder of how I met the two little being who are the love of my life.

In between taking care of my boys (all three of them, size X-small, small and XXX-Large) and learning how to live my life to the fullness; I devote the rest of my free time into photography and lightroom tutorial.

  • Hello Vivian,

    You are…

    Very inspirational, and naturally talented!

    I’ve came across you flickr site a while back and happen come across it once again. You have truly mastered the light in photography and emerged as a talented artist.

    Like you, I have a young family but you have gone above and beyond what a busy mother has to do on a daily basis.

    I don’t think I need to say it his but keep up the fantastic work. I will check often when I need motivation and inspiration.

    All the best to you.


    byuen Photography

  • Thank you so much Bob!

    I think to be able to capture a exceptional photograph you have to be able to tap into your emotions. I am thankful that my boys had awake my senses and make me a better person who understand herself and others more.

    Keep up the good work!


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