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Wedding Package

The Basic

Every wedding we shoot we will edit all the images with basic improvement (things like crop, color tone, exposure)

You will then received full size JPEG files (8"x10") of ALL the images.

From there, you can select up to :
75 photos touch up (things like face touch up, slimming..)

Feel free to request larger files size in the future!

* We do not provide RAW files. We believe that you hired us because you like our styles, and part of our process is editing the images from capture to perfection. We shoot in Raw because it allow us to keep as much information and quality as possible within the file for us to EDIT. (plus Vivian is a totally control freak that nothing shy of perfectly lined up and edited can even export into Jpeg for our client...)

$1450 Intimate Wedding

Small ceremony with family dinner

just want something small with all the important people

If you are expecting less than 80 guests for your lovely close knitted ceremony, then this starting package is perfect for you.

You will get 1 photographer covering your lovely day and part of your small family dinner.

Things we cover:
Bride getting ready
Ceremony (with assistant)
Wedding portrait session
Family portrait before dinner
The first hour of your family dinner

$2000 Happy Wedding

Wedding day coverage

Wedding day start when the bride gets ready, till end of night

If you have a full day planned and would like to have two photographers to cover everything on the big day, you will be very HAPPY with this package (sorry, feel free to eye roll at the bad pun).

Things that make you happy with this package:
There will be Two photographers, following you the whole day. Don't care if you wake up at 7:00 am for make up, we will be there. We generally will linger at the end of the night until you want us to leave.

$2100 Awesome Wedding

One hour engagement + Wedding day coverage

Wedding day start when the bride gets ready, till end of night.

Everything that we do for the happy wedding, it will be included here, plus we will have an hour engagement prior to get to know each other better.

Things that make this package awesome:
One hour engagement session (with online viewing gallery)
On your wedding day, there will be Two photographers, following you the whole day (and night).

$2600 Lavish Wedding

5 hours engagement + Wedding day coverage

Wedding day start when the bride gets ready, till end of night.

Get doll up and put on those cocktails dresses in the 5 hours engagement (or pre-wedding in the Asian circle) sessions. You can visit multiple locations on a single day; or, we are totally game if you want to chop up the one hour to different portion throughout different time of the year so you can have spring/summer/fall backgrounds.

Things that make this lavish:

5 hours engagement/pre-wedding session
(with online viewing gallery and 20 Photoshop editing)
2 photographers covering your wedding day and night.

Photo booth

digtal..on-site priniting..polaroid..

$150 digital copies photo booth

Want to add something fun and engaging for your guests? Try adding a photobooth!

No, not the everybody pile into a box and push a button booth! We will have a real human behind the lens, with studio quality lighting setup and a wide up to 9 feet backdrops that can be customize. The photos will be edit and upload to an online album with in 1 week of your wedding.

$600 on-site printing with digital copies photo booth.

We encourage you to go green, but having a photo printed out and hold it in your hand is so damn endearing. We now offer on-site printing service with our photo booth. It is unlimited prints, and the printing portion will be 3 hours, afterward we will switch back to digital copies only while our printing minion catch up on re-printing extra copies for large group request.


Polaroid booth

We supply the polaroid and camera person, encorage your guests to pose for your guest scrap book! (Camera person most likey be one of the minion...please contact us for their availability)

Time lapse video

Let's speed things up

$300 Time lapse booth w/ regular photo booth service

We bring the hot lights, the props and the challenges (list of suggestions in different levels), encourage your guests to try out our time lapse booth multiple times! We can also switch it back to regular photo booth whenever there is a need to do just photo.

Other pretty things that we do

slideshow, albums etc

Other beautiful things that we do…

$150 Childhood slideshow (just supply us with digital copy of your old/new/embarrassing photos)

Vanessa and Dickson from vivian chung on Vimeo.

$80 Wedding day story albums (80 pages 8x10)

$150 Wedding day story albums (80 pages 13x11)

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