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Photo booth

Photo booth Rental

Introducing our social booth

  • where your guests can take a photo following prompt on the screen
  • they can choose different templates (1 photo, 2 photos or 3 photos at a time)
  • the options of either print or digital copy which they can share on social media!

Photo booth

digtal..on-site priniting..polaroid..

$150/4 hours digital copies photo booth

Want to add something fun and engaging for your guests? Try adding a photobooth!

Studio quality lighting setup and a wide up to 9 feet backdrops that can be customize. The photos will be combine into customized template and your guests can instantly email a copy to themselves or share it on social media!

$600 on-site printing with digital copies photo booth. (4 to 5 hours)

We encourage you to go green, but having a photo printed out and hold it in your hand is so damn endearing. We now offer on-site printing service with our photo booth. It is unlimited prints, and the printing portion will be 3 hours, afterward we will switch back to digital copies only while our guests can still email themselves a copy or share on social media


Polaroid booth

We supply the polaroid and camera person, encorage your guests to pose for your guest scrap book! (Camera person most likey be one of the minion...please contact us for their availability) $2 per polaroid film.

Time lapse video

Let's speed things up

$300 Time lapse booth w/ regular photo booth service

We bring the hot lights, the props and the challenges (list of suggestions in different levels), encourage your guests to try out our time lapse booth multiple times! We can also switch it back to regular photo booth whenever there is a need to do just photo.

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