The story

of how I started doing mini session.

all started when we include photobooth at wedding..

It all started when we began to do photobooths at weddings. But first, let me give you a bit of context.

I have a very gifted mother who loves to create, which often ends with her taking over a lot of my projects that involve beautiful hand-crafted designs. Naturally, I inherited all of her crazy ideas, but I wasn’t as good as my mother when it came to crafting. In the end, I became a photographer because, while still creative, most of my craft involved a high level of control and precision (ex. cameras, camera lens and computers) unlike hand-made crafts.

Back when I first started my wedding photography business I decided to start including photobooths into our package. Now usually, a normal, business-savvy person would choose to do a limited backdrop or a pre-made-rental. NOT ME! I started making backdrops by hand, and they became more and more elaborate. Soon, my other clients started to ask if they can have their photos taken with those backdrops.

After a couple of fulfilling but exhausting years of lugging backdrops to clients’ houses, my husband had a brilliant idea of us having a studio at home. Thus, my crazy ideas, aided by my mother and sometimes by minion # 2, were brought to life through these wonderful, whimsical mini themes.

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. MINI Session .

Our mini session are starting at $78 for 30 mins. New born/Kids/family even cake smash!

All photos we took will be available to view from a private online gallery. You can then select up to 10 digital full size files! Each additional files are $5, or $72 for the entire collection in full size files.

Children usually are shy, so we will always begin with some play time before we start taking photos. Our studio is enclosed and all warm up, we also have a full bathroom so if you would like to use this for cake smash session there will be a place for you to help clean up your child.

We rotate our backdrop every season, usually it will consist of background that were very popular plus a few new (crazy) idea. We will try our best to show you example during booking but new backdrop are pending on how those crazy idea can translate to we will try our best to keep you inform.