Food photography under strobe light preset

I have a set of 3 presets for you. It’s color improvement on the green and red, and I purposely blown out the highlight a little bit to get that crisp fresh look.

RAW image

food under strobe-1 preset

food under strobe-3 preset

Original raw

Original raw

food under strobe-3 preset

Download link are here: THE ZIP containing all 3 food under strobe preset.

  • Vivian these are really cool! You do amazing culinary photography 🙂 Ever thought in specializing in it? I also think you could charge money for your presets 😉

  • Thanks Jeni!

    I recently got into food photography, must be all the cooking that I do. I don’t know if people will pay for lightroom presets, I know they charge it for web module and export module. I think I just want to get it out there and hope for photo editing jobs for other photographers.

  • nice post. thanks.

  • I really think that you should take culinary photography seriously! Your work is amazing. There are so many restaurants in the Lower Mainland! A good portion of which have websites and probably more are trending towards a web presence. Menu’s are constantly updated requiring new images….and menu’s to be made. Lol can you tell I really want you to do this? You love food…you love photography! It’s perfect. If there is no market. You could make one. Do up some culinary photography business cards…make up a side site. Do “your food could look like this….or it could look fabulous like this…which do you think will bring customers in the door?” I think restaurants would jump all over it.

  • That’s an interesting thought, but I often feel like people in the restaurant business feel that it is not probable to close down one afternoon and have the chef prepare dishes from the menu just for photo-op. I need to think more about this business model. Currently I work with a media company who arrange everything for the clients, all I do is just photography.

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