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My lensbaby arrived around the same time as my new baby. I had rented this lens occasionally for wedding before, I love the artistic control where I can blend my lens for that “suddenly” focus. I also fell in love with the creative aperture, because frankly, once I had open up the kit the heart sharp had NEVER let the composer aperture ring.

Once Don was born (2 weeks after I got out of the hospital I think), it gave me the perfect excuse to buy my own. Must be all of the hormone surging!
Using lensbaby had force me to re-examine the way I view light source. Since I am constantly looking for a bright circle of confusion point to showcase the heart and/or star sharps, I started to include a lot of rim light and back lit light source. It transcended my view and my style of everyday photography.

Favourite thing about Lensbaby: The amaze gasps from wedding party I show them part of the photos had turn into multiple of hearts.

There’s hope, faith and love~ Artisian Jewelry

My friends and I went to India Arie concert tonight down at The Orpheum. This song gave me goose bump; Back when

Night time couple portrait session at Stanley Park

Got down to Stanley park with Shawn and Michelle for some night time portrait. I brought Aidan to the Bright Night a

Lensbaby creative aperture in Wedding photography

Collection of wedding photos from 2009, using lensbaby composer with creative aperture plate.  I LOVE turning

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