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Commercial Photography


You can go over to this album to view all of the photos. Feel free to share/download/tag. Link to CCBA Dinner Album

Poke’m~Vancouver street food

Combining the old with the new street hawkers Poke’m way- serving the simple oriental snack of BBQ meatballs

Diamonds…and other jewelry…are a girl’s best friend

Collections of Jewelry Macro photography from products and wedding jobs.

Food photography under strobe light preset

I have a set of 3 presets for you. It’s color improvement on the green and red, and I purposely blown out the

Food photography~ using strobe

I LOVE FOOD! These are done for a hotel chain as their promotion material. I had

There’s hope, faith and love~ Artisian Jewelry

My friends and I went to India Arie concert tonight down at The Orpheum. This song gave me goose bump; Back when

Light painting, custom apeture and jewelry photography ~ set up shot

Did I mention how much I LOVE creative aperture? I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that the creative aperture kit

2010 New Year Gala at the Marriott ~ People

This is probably the biggest event for New Year’s Eve 2010,  and I was honored to be the event

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