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I meet a lot of people.
Well, to be honest, before I start my first job (retailing in an Optical Store) I always thought I was shy and border on being introverted. Turns out, I was just being ADD.

Early on my career, I know I am good with people. I cry with them, I laugh with them. I love all the faces.

Fall Engagement ~ Samantha and Oz

Sam and Oz had their extended engagement session in a sunny fall afternoon. We started in Granville Island. Extended

April Justin photo booth

Thank you for visiting our photobooth! It’s a fun and unique wedding, isn’t it? Their photobooth

Lorraine + Doug ~ Richmond wedding

Lorraine & Doug Photo booth are up over at our FB page! Please go check it out: Lorraine + Doug Photo Booth


Thank you for visiting our photobooth! We would like to give a big shout out to the groomsmen who made the wonderful

Mandy & Huey old school engagement session

For a really fun cute way to best reflect their own personality, we went back to both of their old elementary schools

Becky + Albert

Thank you for checking out our photo booth! We had you had lots of fun..Please go over to our FB page for the

Granville Island Engagement ~ Becky and Albert

For their super cute fun and relax engagement session, Becky and Albert had chosen Granville Island and they had

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