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I meet a lot of people.
Well, to be honest, before I start my first job (retailing in an Optical Store) I always thought I was shy and border on being introverted. Turns out, I was just being ADD.

Early on my career, I know I am good with people. I cry with them, I laugh with them. I love all the faces.

Edwin + Selina

Congrat to Edwin and Selina! You can view all the awesome photobooth photos over at our FB page: Edwin Selina

Sharon & Ryan ~ wedding at Marine Drive Golf Club

Check out their photobooth over at our FB page.

Beryl & Jacky ~ Pan Pacific Wedding

Congratulation to Beryl and Jacky! Please go over to our FB page to check out your lovely, crazy photos! ~ Timo

Harumi and Adrian

Congratulation to Harumi and Adrian! Thank you for taking part in their photobooth, we had posted the booth photos over

Lovely night ~ collection of wedding portrait at sundown

Just combing through my hard drive and this photo caught my eye. It was taken a couple years ago, on Aidan (my then 6

The Sequel ~ CJ turned 1 !!

Happy birthday baby, I hope I have not disappoint you too much. As they say the more kids you have, the easier they

Ivan & Karen ~ Hollyburn Country Club wedding

We had put Ivan and Karen photobooth on a private on line album, they will be forwarding the link to you soon!

Childhood slideshow

Childhood slideshow , a perfect way to bridge both families and each other past together as a lovely tribute during

Ellesha and Jordan

Thank you for visiting our photo booth! Your photobooth stuff are over at our FB album, don’t forget to come

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