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I meet a lot of people.
Well, to be honest, before I start my first job (retailing in an Optical Store) I always thought I was shy and border on being introverted. Turns out, I was just being ADD.

Early on my career, I know I am good with people. I cry with them, I laugh with them. I love all the faces.

Ivan & Karen ~ Hollyburn Country Club wedding

We had put Ivan and Karen photobooth on a private on line album, they will be forwarding the link to you soon!

Childhood slideshow

Childhood slideshow , a perfect way to bridge both families and each other past together as a lovely tribute during

Ellesha and Jordan

Thank you for visiting our photo booth! Your photobooth stuff are over at our FB album, don’t forget to come

Hayward Lake engagement session ~ Ellesha and Jordan

I had never been to Hayward Lake before, but I love it! For Ellesha and Jordan, this is actually the first place they

Vancouver Marriott Pinnacle Wedding ~ Cameron and Helen

Congrat to Cam and Helen! I had such a great time with this funny couple from the moment I met them (we stay and talked

Kapo and William

Congratulation to Kapo and Bill! you can check out the photo booth here.  In the mean time, please check out their

Jacky and Jessica

Congratulation to Jacky and Jessica! Here is a little sneak peak, and please check out their photobooth over at our FB

Ellie and Julian

Congratulation to Ellie and Julian! If you are looking for your photobooth photos, we had put them up on a private

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