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I enjoy shooting maternity because it remind me how I met the love of my life; my sons. Being pregnant twice certainly had gave me some insight in what most mom to be feel, after all I had walk in your shoes no so long ago. I love the longing and smile mom gave when I ask them to hold their belly.
I had discovered the wonderful world of Boudoir photography when I was attempting to shoot self portrait with the 33weeks belly. Instantly draw to the soft, sensuous and tasteful style, I work around my not so slim body by combining the use of high light and shadow to create the sexy, glamorous side of child bearing.

Favourite thing about belly: The stretch marks, it’s the map to motherhood, a badge of honours in celebration of the arrival of a new soul.

Favourite thing about Boudoir: The intimacy between the lens and the body.

Belly in side ~ Veronica

I loved SO much about this maternity session.  Loved getting to meet this amazing and sweet couple, Loved that Veronica

Belly outside & inside ~ Yaya’s family portrait

Yaya and I met through my brother, Micheal her husband was one of my brother’s groomsmen. Yaya and I bonded since

Belly outside ~ Tina and David

My favorite couple from Dallas had came back to Vancouver for her maternity session! We took this in the summer

Belly outside ~ Liam and Stella

Liam and Stella are the 5th wedding I had photographed, and from the moment I met them, I KNEW they will make the

The Sequel ~ CJ turned 1 !!

Happy birthday baby, I hope I have not disappoint you too much. As they say the more kids you have, the easier they

Skin to Skin ~ a different type of boudoir photography

Sexuality is not all about breasts and bust and cleavage…sometime close up and texture  should be enough of

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Outdoor Maternity Session at Trout Lake

I think it is a common misconception that you have to travel to Vancouver West to get decent locations for outdoor

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